Saturday, January 7, 2012

First Seeds Arrive!

A brief run down of my first seed order of the season- compliments of a present from Dad. All from Pinetree Garden Seeds. Time to get some seeds started!
Spring seeds
Reugen Alpine Strawberry
White Soul Alpine Strawberry
McKana Giants Columbine
Fakir Parsley Root
Orach- Rose
Spinach Mix
Salsify- Sandwich Island Mammoth
Gilfeather Turnip
Lettuce- Winter Density
Pinetree Lettuce Mix
Leek- Large American Flag
Kale- Dinosaur
Cabbage- Tronchuda
Yu Choi Sum Green
Pea- Cascadia
Pea- Sugar Sprint

Summer seeds
Asparagus Pea
Basil- Siam Queen
Thyme- Magic Carpet
Ageratum- Red Sea
Pepper-Marconi Red
Amaranth- Elephant Head
Mina lobata (vine)
Milkweed- Red Swamp
Milkweed- Butterfly weed
Snapdragon- White Rocket
Lemon Monarda
Marigold- Sophia Mix
Cosmos- Daydream
Black Eyed Pea

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