Thursday, March 6, 2014

Spring & Winter Break

My Spring Break begins tomorrow at noon. Looks like it will coincide with a break from WINTER too! Monday we are suppose to see 62F- OHMYGAWD. While it may have been ( I shouldn't speak too soon) the coldest winter in 40 years I honestly felt that it wasn't so bad. Maybe because it seemed like a sunny winter? Just a feeling. March is slated to also be colder than  normal.

I finally feel like I can permanently move some of my spring things outdoors for hardening off. While we will still get T's below freezing (esp. at night) I think covering them with a thick blanket in this cold frame will suffice (please don't screw up). There is nothing that brings me greater pleasure by winter's end than all of these shades of green.
Lettuces, Bok Choy, Shallots, Leeks, Cabbage, Broccoli, Kale, Walking Stick Kale, Celery
in the temporary cold frame:
bricks, concrete blocks, old window = temp cold frame

Getting these out of the basement also means I finally have room to start other things, like a tray of Flowering Nicotianas & Blanket flower. So, starting tomorrow I will have room to start 4 more flats of things, likely all flowers. 

Plantling Progress:
Four kinds of Heirloom Petunias
The soil blocks are performing well. This is something I will definitely continue. 

Various Peppers
I'm almost surprised they have grown. I've taken them off heat and the basement has been
cooler than normal with the hard winter.

Nero Kale, Lovage, Valerian, Fennel, Snapdragons 
(from left to right) You can have mixed rows of seeds in a flat of soil blocks so long as they
have similar growing patterns (pace of growth, planting time).

This flat is way ahead of the other. This one was under the light timer that broke
and wouldn't shut off. The other flat is just starting to germinate.

Zaatar (left) and a flat of Tropical Milkweed (right)


Albeit not from the Garden. I've been tinkering. Left is Coffee, Pecan & Coco Nib bitters
and right is Tangerine, Coriander and Cardamon. Recipes from this book.

Sparkling Sour Cherry Wine
And no, the kitty isn't having it. I don't share.


The bees are taking advantage of the Sapsucker holes and sipping 
Maple sap on the warmer & sunnier days. 

Is Maple Sap the Bee's Knees?

The Witch Hazel blooms on a cloudy day. I wish I could
just sit and watch it for pollinators.

Tuesday March 4, 2014. For real. 

I think winter is closing her doors.