Thursday, May 28, 2015


It should mean- a person who is in favor of fun songs = profundity. I know that is so profound, right?
What does this have to do with the garden? Nothing. But it came to me when I was thinking of exuberance or some other word that means- a lot. Because the garden has A LOT going on. And now I just feel like posting pics.

Let's start with food
Or maybe I should have said, DRINK
When the Mint came in, I made Mojito Tea, which was damn good. And since the Strawberries came in the celebratory drink was Strawberry White Wine Sangria
1 bottle Pinot Grigio, a lil sugar, smashed berries, 1 lemon, mint. 
Also, damn good.

 Peas are coming in and blossom's loaded.

My first crop ever. So good!

In Bloom
 Horsemint & Penstemon
 Scarlet Honeysuckle
 Red-twig Dogwood
 Red Hot Poker

 Lemon Verbena

 Flowers in rusty tool box
 Nigella- Love in a mist
 Back Porch
 Back Porch
 Back Porch
 Back Porch
 Rain barrel

Today I accidentally, but happily discovered a bumblebee nest and many babies came out. Very cute. Hope I didn't harm any as I was cleaning up.
One of the strains of 13 & 17 yr cicadas are to come out this year. I found the first one in the new coop on 5/25/15.

The new chicken coop is progressing. I moved the babes out on Memorial Day as they were flying about the office.

 Edie- the guardian. Not really.
 Two Generations
 What's up? Chicken butt.

Wilder places
We did a good job cleaning the woodies from the prairie and even got it burned this year. The Penstemon and Spiderwort are in bloom.

Wishing you profundity or at the very least a fun dity.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Gardening got in the way

Gardening got in the way of garden blogging. Done with school. Most of the garden is done. Now for maintenance. Just some photo updates. 

Winter Squash patch
 Bush Delicata, Unknown Gray-Orange Squash, Seminole, Sweet Potato

New Garden Bed
including the kiddo's garden
 The bricks/board help with kiddo
reaching into her garden. Red Salvia, Snapdragons,
Red Cipollini onions, bush beans, Juliette tomatoes.

My portion- browalia, lemon monarda, Arroz Con Pollo Habs, Jimmy Nardellos (2),
Chiltepin (1), bunch of shishitos, red cipollini onions, 1 yellow squash, 1 zucchini

Big Garden

New tomato cages

Today- rainy and cooler (50s). Good day to finish grading finals, submit grades, get over a cold and blog. 
Thank you to Holly for dropping off a ton of strawberries. Looks like it's time for a jam session.