Thursday, May 28, 2015


It should mean- a person who is in favor of fun songs = profundity. I know that is so profound, right?
What does this have to do with the garden? Nothing. But it came to me when I was thinking of exuberance or some other word that means- a lot. Because the garden has A LOT going on. And now I just feel like posting pics.

Let's start with food
Or maybe I should have said, DRINK
When the Mint came in, I made Mojito Tea, which was damn good. And since the Strawberries came in the celebratory drink was Strawberry White Wine Sangria
1 bottle Pinot Grigio, a lil sugar, smashed berries, 1 lemon, mint. 
Also, damn good.

 Peas are coming in and blossom's loaded.

My first crop ever. So good!

In Bloom
 Horsemint & Penstemon
 Scarlet Honeysuckle
 Red-twig Dogwood
 Red Hot Poker

 Lemon Verbena

 Flowers in rusty tool box
 Nigella- Love in a mist
 Back Porch
 Back Porch
 Back Porch
 Back Porch
 Rain barrel

Today I accidentally, but happily discovered a bumblebee nest and many babies came out. Very cute. Hope I didn't harm any as I was cleaning up.
One of the strains of 13 & 17 yr cicadas are to come out this year. I found the first one in the new coop on 5/25/15.

The new chicken coop is progressing. I moved the babes out on Memorial Day as they were flying about the office.

 Edie- the guardian. Not really.
 Two Generations
 What's up? Chicken butt.

Wilder places
We did a good job cleaning the woodies from the prairie and even got it burned this year. The Penstemon and Spiderwort are in bloom.

Wishing you profundity or at the very least a fun dity.

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