Friday, January 6, 2012

Climate Strange

Just a pictorial view of the day. It's my birthday. It's January 6th and it is 68 degrees outside. It's officially Climate Strange. I got to hike and work in the yard today AND I got very warm and had to strip down to my tank top. Ridiculous. Views of the day:
 Nero Kale. Made some awesome Kale, Pumpkin and Tofu lasagna for dinner last night with this gem of a plant.

Overwintering Rosemary. Window overhead. Concrete blocks behind and old afghan to wrap up with on cold nights.  Not pretty.

Brussel Sprouts looking good.

Alpine Strawberry- planted itself in the concrete block hole. Must plant more of these lovelies, including in the landscape.

Marjoram NOT happy with the nights in the teens and 20's. (front right)

Deformed turnips- grown too close together. Still very tasty.

Witch Hazel in bloom.

Garden Companion 1- Smokey illustrating the use of cardboard to keep weeds out of the paths.

Companion 2- Kiki. Notice the blanket to protect the green onions. 

Today's Hike: Stemler Woods
Rattlesnake Master

Sycamore bark is so cool.

Liking the lichen.

Shelter me.

Green with envy.

Who's there?

Happy 2012 everyone!

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