Thursday, November 10, 2011

Patchy Frost

After accepting that last night would be the night all is lost we only had patchy frost. Seeing that we are a week into November and we should expect frost by mid-October we've been lucky.

The low parts of the yard and random spots in the garden were touched. 
frost on flowering tobacco

mache and garden mushrooms

I highly recommend growing Mache, also called Corn Salad. It reseeds itself every year so you never have to replant it. It's available for eating in the fall, winter and spring. Just let enough go to seed to assure it's continuance.  

Fall tip: some shops have "decorative pumpkins" or squash available for Halloween. Many of these are great eating winter squash. You won't find most of these at your general grocery store so buy one for show and then roast it and enjoy. Here is one I like:
It has gorgeous orange flesh inside. Those ribs are perfect for cutting slices to be oiled, salted and roasted.

My so-called kumquat tree has 2 fruits. Once they are ready I will know for sure what they are, but they are definitely not looking like kumquats. Maybe a mini-tangerine?

Lastly, if you haven't already saved tomato seeds pick your favorite now. I have 2 cherry tomatoes I can't live without. Both will come back on their own, but I can't tell what they are by the plant alone so instead I am saving their seeds. One is White Currant. It tastes like no tomato you've ever had. It is creamy white and a small cherry type. The other I'm not entirely sure what it is, but it could be a returning Gajo de melon. It is marbled and sweet. Squeeze the seeds out of the tomato. Put them in a jar of water until mold forms on the surface. Scrape this off. Strain them and rub away any extra pulp and then lay on a sheet of newspaper to dry. Store in a cool, dry place. Here is a good indicator that they seed is viable- it sinks. 

Enjoy your fall squirreling projects!


estork said...

Ooo... I like how the color of frost on grass in the morning is similar to the look of a carpet of reindeer lichen. :-D Great pictures!

Zinniagirl said...

Beautiful pics , Laura! Love the winter squash too! Beautiful!

Laura said...

Thanks to both of you! The squash is a similar color to the frost on the grass too. Wish I could capture that color on a wall. I'm getting excited for winter actually. Lots of silvery gray.