Sunday, October 30, 2011

Chilies Out the Wazoo

I'm starting to feel like all I grow are chilies. I find myself searching the net for more chili recipes. I found this Pumpkin Ancho Mole sauce recipe on The Splendid Table here. They also have a very tempting Peanut Butter Stuffed Pickled Chili Pepper recipe I'm seriously considering for a T-givs appetizer. Here are preserved chilies 4 ways:
They are from L to R: dried Pasilla bajio, a salty spicy garlicy chili spread, Pickled Habaneros & Fermented Chili paste.

I'm really liking these Fish Peppers dried and crushed. Even the 7yr old puts them on her food. They have a great flavor and are a mix of cool colors.
Before drying. 

And after drying. Chili flakes are always on our table.

Ready for processing: habaneros, corno di toro and serranos

I'm ALMOST done harvesting all of the chilies for the season. I still have my Bhut Jolokia in the garden hoping they will turn before the frost, which is delayed so far. Here's today's catch:
A mix of late-harvested chilies.

Also dug today were my Georgia Jet Sweet Potatoes. I only had 3 plants, but got a nice crop out of them. I think I will grow this variety again next year. This is a 5gal. pot for reference. 

The fall garden is growing well. Here are some various crops- rutabaga, cabbage, turnips, brussel sprouts and other stuff I can't remember right now. 

The kale is of harvestable size now.

Fall Projects: I built this Passive Solar Heat Collector and hooked it up to my bathroom window. The day I built it was in the low-mid 80's and before I even hooked it up it was passing 110 degree heat out of it. It seems like I get around a 30 degree heat difference between the air T going in and what is coming out. Of course, it only really works on sunny days, but it is really neat to have FREE heat and the 7yr old already knows about cool air sinking and warm air rising, so it was a good science lesson too. The only bad thing to come of it is my infected finger (from a drilling incident). 

The Maple leaves turned and started falling very abruptly this week
Happy Autumn. Happy Halloween.

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