Thursday, June 2, 2016

Just a Thursday Morning

The last Thursday morning of freedom before the summer school session begins. Taking it all in.

The first Poppy somniferum to bloom.
 It was covered with hoverflies and small bees (or flies as bee mimics) 
this morning.
 Just gorgeous.

The new prairie bed
What should have been my final planting (this morning) with the arrival of my order from Prairie Moon Nursery was stalled by receiving Purple Coneflower instead of Pale Purple Coneflower. I planted all but those and the Liatris, which are a little small.
 Another angle
 View towards house.
Bea on edging.
 The cactus is growing quickly.
Received this pad from a student who said
it was a perennial at her home. Unknown Opuntia.

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