Sunday, March 20, 2016

Spring Break

Spring break began Friday, March 11th with a high of 75F and ends today with snow (promptly melting of course). Expected freeze (30F) tonight. And today is the first day of Spring!

What is in bloom (that faces impending doom): Spicebush, Plum, Peach, Apricot, Honeyberry.
Also in bloom: Hellebores, Daffodils, Hyacinth

Varying Hellebores in the Northeastern Perimeter bed

Growing on 
Mache, Chinese Cabbage, Red Kale  and Perpetual Chard overwintered in coldframes (above)

 First Asparagus

Bitter Endive reseeds about the yard

Under lights
Little Lupine doing well (above)
All of the tomato plants are up (but the ground cherries are not) (below)
Began transplanting peppers this weekend.
Projects: New Upright Cold frame
I decided to build an upright cold frame inspired by one I saw on the internet. I plan to use it for storing nursery plants, overwintering, cold stratification, late summer starts (for the fall/winter garden), early spring starts and hardening off. It's like an unheated greenhouse, but cheaper and with a small footprint. I plan to build doors at some point (fall probably). It also now has walls on both sides (the one on the right is missing in this pic) Below with temporary plastic covering. 
 Will have 3 shelves. I think I already have them full.
I made need a second one. ; )

Projects: The Orchard Overhaul continues
Beds were topped with compost, conduit frames and bird nettting.
I discovered the chickens won't go near this stuff. Why hasn't anyone
written about this yet?! It's a game changer.
Ready for planting. 
 Pots were topped with compost and protective bird netting.
 Papi in foreground. Angry Mattilda was moved
into his new home just behind the blooming Plums.
 Going to plant a Fig in this double tire.
Hoping the tire will work as insulation for winter-keeping.
 The raspberry beds got new frames (below)
Squiggy supervising.
 Pots circle the south side of the hoophouse. 1 lavendar
was planted. Waiting for warm up!
And inside the hoop (below). Chard, Kale, Collards, 
Arugula, Mustard, leeks, Green onions
Hardy Kiwi leafing out (below)

Other Spring Break Activities:
Spent most of Friday burning at a coworker's place. 

I doubt there is better weather to end spring break than snow. It keeps me inside so my body can heal and I can get some grading done!       View from office window looking down into the orchard (aka beeyard. chickenyard).

It's been a gorgeous and productive week. Thankful for my awesome job.

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