Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Snowy and 70s

On Wednesday:

On Saturday: Sunny and 70s
Roll with it. What more can you do?

Basement Nursery:                      Little Delight Lupine
 Various perennial flowers, mustard (right)
 Onion & parsley seedlings
 Lots of Peppers this year (fingers crossed)
 First tomato seedlings up (Roma)
Going to compare a hybrid and open pollinated Roma this year.
The OP germinated first (out of all of the tomato seeds)
Might explain why they are also one of the first types to produce?

So yums. Ruby & Emerald Steaks Mustard
Really starting to like these mustards (when young)
 Yarrow & Blanketflower seedlings

I overwintered a tomato plant and it has made a few fruits.
Too bad they aren't very tasty. Ah, well.

Outside progress:
Feb in the Biergarten
 Front yard with burn pile evidence
 Cleaned perennial bed by Biergarten
need to replace the edging. This was suppose to be a temp 
border reused from something else.

 New path between prairie, new native bed (on left)
and a veg bed (in the back)
 The new native bed cleaned and ready 
for mulch and plants
 February in the fresh burned prairie (below)
 And March- daffs coming up
 Garden prepped
potatoes planted (in December)
 The tommi crocuses have been blooming for
about a week. The bees are happy they have these.

Seeds in pots.

Brandywine (a purple) Raspberry in new pot
with poppy seeds.
 Rural King onions ready for planting...

Seeds started in a window in the shed
 Bok Choy (above) and Kale (below)

                                          My first attempt at Chicago-style pizza. Yum.

One of our new favs: roasted sweet potatoes, mushrooms & onions.
A little soy sauce (for saltiness). Add cheddar cheese and put in a wrap.
Toast the wraps for extra crunch. Still have lots of pumpkins and sweet taters
in the larder.

Finally organized my spice cabinet. I can't tell
you how happy this makes me. Also labelled
everything because hubs has started to cook 
and I told him these words will haunt him if I die soon, 
   "You will cook." I had to make it easier for him. 
Plus, I'm writing it here. Hold him to it. No excuses.

Snow is again in the forecast or is it rain? 
We'll know when we know. 
Until blue skies arrive
 we can just dream of gardening.

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