Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Spring Drizzle Soup

This soup inspired by: Stuck Inside and Dying

I go outside and plant. I get wet and cold and come in. I go outside and plant.
I come inside and drink hot tea and change clothes. Repeat.

Spring Drizzle Soup
You must get wet to make this soup. It's required. Don't be a pansy.

3 Walking Stick Kale leaves. Because they are enormous you only need 3!

That's my hand and my fat dog's rear end for size comparison.

Cut into ribbons or chiffonade if you are fancy and don't care that the word isn't recognized by spell check and gets the red underline.

2 Purple Carrots. Because that is all you are willing to find in the rain. Also, I realize "2 purple carrots" is not a sentence, but I don't care period.

Ooh La La.

This is fancy soup.
Not really.
I didn't even peel those carrots.

Dill and Thyme- chopped.
1 onion- caramelized in olive oil, because that's good shit.
A few small potatoes that you missed from last year's harvest
1 batch of dumplings. Totally not fancy. Peasanty.
S & P
broth of your making

Caramelize onions. Add carrot coins, dill stems, ribboned kale, thinly sliced potatoes. Cook about 10 min.
Add dill & thyme. Add broth- probably 6 cups.
Bring to a simmer. Add dumplings. Cook until done.

Good Spring Drizzle Soup. 


Magne said...

Your certifiable and I am happy that!

Magne said...

Happy ABOUT that!!!