Thursday, April 18, 2013

Rain & 80's

A lot of rain and a day in the 80's can change everything. Of course, the T is suppose to drop today and we are expected to see T's in the 30's tonight and tomorrow night. A spring by any other name is still crazy.

Something about not doing the big tomato sale this year has me feeling like I'm behind on putting in the veg, but it is still early. I did buy a 4 pack (with 6 plants) of Green Bell Peppers and put them in the other day. The maters are still hardening off, but meanwhile the garden has suddenly become green in weeds and desirable plants.

What's in Bloom:                         The New Bulb Bed- first bloom 2013

Muscari macrocarpum Golden Fragrance

Muscari ambrosiacum Musk Hyacinth

"Magical Muscari Mixture" planted last fall

The Woodland Garden
Bleeding Heart

Bluebells- Mertensia virginica

Celandine Poppy Stylophorum diphyllum

Trillium recurvatum

Mayapple Podophyllum peltatum

Toothwort Dentaria laciniata
(finished blooming)

Solomon's Seal Polygonatum biflorum

Golden Seal Hydrastis canadensis

South side of house bed
Sensitive Fern emerging Onoclea sensibilis

Bed near entrance of driveway
Bellwort Uvularia sessilifolia


Brunnera macrophylla- perennial forget me nots

Spirea leaf burst, 2nd display of Narcissus, Grape Hyacinths

broader view

Note to self: need more daffs in zone behind and on west side of Redbud

Landscaping Project at Mom's: The Clean Slate
Salvia, Hosta, Viburnum, Geranium, Ladybells, Tiarella, Lamium, Violas, Columbine

Right side

Left Side

View from Front Porch- Yesterday 4-17-13
Serviceberry & Redbud in bloom

This morning- notice the serviceberry flowers are already knocked off from the rain

Serviceberry flowers yesterday

Other notes
I bought bare root from Michigan Bulb
I decided this method is only slightly cheaper than buying plants in pots at the box store, considering pots, soil and shipping. Here are some Hostas coming up. They did very well. Nice roots.

I planted some seeds that needed stratification in pots last fall. All species are germinating: 2 varieties of Ironweed, Blue Star, 2 Asters and Wild Oregano. 

Zinnias & Balsam in cold frame. Need to repeat this next year. So much easier to start and avoid hardening off inside the frame. It also takes up less space in the basement.

White & Red Alpine Strawberries germinating.

Coldframe stuff: basils, salvias, cotton, castor

Mesclun that NEEDS to be transplanted!

Hardening off continues...these guys got hailed on (pea size) on Tuesday (4-16-13)

The keyhole bed progresses. I turned the soil and then had to cover to stop the growth of a perennial weedy Aster. This is where I want to grow my winter squashes this year. 

Into the Orchard/Chicken Yard
The Cherry burst yesterday. All sorts of bees.

If every bloom becomes a cherry...

Winter Oats under the fruit trees.

Rosa, Scarlet, Viola?

Viola or is it Francesca? 

Purple Sprouting Broc

Yay! Kale. Bad = I think I saw some Harlequin Beetles mating yesterday. UGH.

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