Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bud Burst & Emergence

It's amazing how quickly plants can change in spring. There are not enough hours in the day to garden.

Photo Montage
Ferns in the woodland garden

Mayapples in the woodland garden

Woodland garden path

Out the Woodland Garden and into the Orchard (aka Chicken Yard)
Plums, apricots & Spicebush in bloom

Spicebush flowers

Kale finally ready for picking in the orchard

Kaylie's Square Foot Garden
Green onions, kale and peas at present
She wants Yellow Wax Beans, Dragon Snaps (as she calls them) and Tomatoes for summer

Mason Bee home of cupplant stems



Out of the Orchard and into the Veg Garden
California Poppies emerging, along with Lamb's Quarter

Carrot seedlings planted months ago.
I wasn't sure if they would germinate.

Pea progress

Chives in garden blocks

Out of the Veg Garden and to the back porch
My temporary cold frames took a little beating from winter, but they worked very well nonetheless. 
I overwintered cuttings and stratified seeds in the front two and later added the back two for hardening off seedlings and starting more seeds. 

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