Sunday, February 5, 2012

Is it too early?

My favorite way to spend Superbowl Sunday is by doing anything but watching the Superbowl. I find it neither a bowl or super. So, let's garden eh?

Is it too early to start my spring garden? Maybe in some years, but after an entire week of 50-60's I find my turnip seeds have germinated in the garden. I have Tronchuda cabbage, Dinosaur Kale and Perpetual Chard basking in the half-sunny sky for the first time since germinating in the basement. What the heck? Let's start the hardening off already.
From upper left to lower right. Two trays of each- Perpetual Chard, Tronchuda Cabbage and Dinosaur Kale.

It was warm enough for the snakes to start sunbathing too.

Other stuff in the garden growing well- Miner's Lettuce. Returns on it's own each year. Can't beat that.

Mache at eating stage. It also reseeds and comes back on its own.

And when you can't garden you consume the fruits of your labor. I've started to dabble in wine-making. Here is the first racking of the Apple, Pomegranate & Orange Wine experiment. It is a very pretty color.

I've also got a bottle of Wild Plum Wine that I made with no added sugar or yeast. The color and taste are amazing. I made it from frozen fruit in November and this is the first rack and separation from fruit. 
Skins and fruit dripping. Wild Plum. 

The other thing that happened this week is the Black Mission Fig started to bud out. I had just given it a good drink and I noticed the buds swelling this morning so I moved it to a window. 

Other stuff I have going- sauerkraut & kimchi making and a loaf of bread. Lots of fermentation in the house! Love it. Happy Sunday whatever you are doing! 

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