Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Purple "Shutters"

I like to repurpose things. I couldn't help snatch these unpainted and never-used closet doors from someone's garbage (hey, one man's trash, right?). I held on to them for several years until having a cool day, some time to paint and inspiration from my lush plants. Because I live in what feels like the tropics (high heat & humidity) I get to garden with things that can only survive summers here. Most of these things I will take cuttings from, dig up or generally overwinter in my basement/cellar. It's generally upper 50's down there year-round. So, some of these plants pictured here are cannas, coleus, sweet potato vine, plectranthus, curry plant, ivy geraniums, persian shield, tradescantias, gesneriads, eucalyptus, fairy rose, heliotrope, dusty miller, caladiums, elephant ear, begonias, scented and varigated geraniums, fushia, morning glory and lots more... It's my happy jungle. 


estork said...

I am so inspired by your repurposing! You are pretty much the coolest. :-)

Laura said...

ha ha. Thanks estork!