Thursday, March 16, 2017

Winter-Spring Break

It was spring. And then it was winter. And today spring is back. 

Hey, look! It's Spring!
(Before spring break)
 Hey, look! It's winter. 
(During "spring break")
 Just shoot me.
I guess I will recover. 

What's going on with the natives
Clove Currant
 Scarlet Honeysuckle
 Jacob's Ladder

Under lights
Celery & Caraway
 yarrow, blanketflower, coneflower, daisies
 perpetual chard
 March 2: mater seedlings up
This season I've been using an NK biodegradable
10-packs to start a lot of seedlings in. I've found them 
at Rural King and Dollar General. 50 cells for $3.
I originally got them because I thought it would be the easiest
solution to planting perennials in the hellstrip beds and then
decided to use them for the tomatoes as well. 

About the Yawd
East border hedge

 I liked this one. Yellow as yolk.
 I also like the cyclamen types- they are 
like shooting stars and especially nice
when they bob in the wind.
 More cyclamen types
 A peach blossom I suspect didn't make it through
the freeze. 
Three new beds for 2017:

 Good Lawd! That one hurts.
 Kitchen garden raised beds
 Purple Sweet Potato starts

Foodie stuff
Crispy Cauliflower Tostadas
 Falafel and Sweet Potato Kibbeh
Faux Chicken Noodle Soup

Side notes:
What baby Oyster Mushrooms look like:
From a kit

Critter closing
Tess, Beatrix & Urey
patiently wait for the return of spring

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