Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Basement Salads

I'm experimenting with what I can grow in the basement (to eat) overwinter. Already some things haven't worked out and others have proven successful.

What hasn't worked: I bought some of that moisture retaining potting mix because it was dirt cheap on sale. Seeds rotted in it. Stuff that wouldn't germinate: beans, peas, cucumbers, squash. I have 1 bean, 1 pea and 1 squash seed (by another method). *Might be good for houseplants, but not for starting seeds.

What has worked: Greens continue to do well and we are eating regular salads. I'm hoping to get to the point where daily salads are an option. It looks like I can cut from the same pots about every 5-10 days. I'm leaf-pruning, rather than topping plants off. Growing: Red Russian Kale, Lettuces, Frilly Mustard. Other happy plants- cilantro, oregano, parsley, jalapeno, a volunteer tomato plant, eggplant, alpine strawberry (no fruit yet, but coming).

The New Experiment
This one is set up with 3 shop lights fairly high over plants.
This is working out fine for already established plants, but
seedlings aren't loving it. In this picture- jalapeno, calendula, violas,
brugmansia, oregano, parsley, green onions, chard, alpine strawberries,
1 squash, 1 pea, 1 bean, alyssum, turnips, eggplant, 1 fig, stocks,
pomegranate in foreground.

Greens doing well

frilly mustards- my fav
 Mixed Greens

I was swooned by the internet powers to order this LED light.
It may significantly reduce energy deman, but it is not proving to grow
better or faster plants. Plus, it's really hard to look at or be near it.

How to overwinter a Jalapeno to eat from
Yank Jalapeno from pot it was in.
Wow, that's a small root ball.
 Line bottom of pot with leaves. 
Adds fiber, minerals, beneficial microbes.

Stake it. Harvest all peppers to help
adjust from transplant shock. Energy to go to
new root making.

New peppers already forming. No new flowers yet.

Happy Oregano & Parsley

Alpine Strawberry & Green Onions

From front to back: 1 pea, 1 bean, 1 tomato

Back row: Stock, Eggplant
Middle: Stock, Violas
Front: Chard transplants, Dill, Alpine Strawberry

Other set up. Much closer to lights.

Overwintering Non-Edibles

 Coleus cuttings have already rooted (from Oct 4)
 Various houseplants in the basement...

And Houseplants in the windows...
Spider plant, Meyer Lemon, Fragrant Olive, Fern

Outdoor Activities
Fall Blooming Speciosus Crocus- bloomed w/o leaves Row 2
Saffron Crocus is sending up leaves.
Had 2 blooms. Rows 1 & 3

 Planted to the right of the East side Orchard entrance

I've been planted Darwin Tulips & Purple Sensation Alliums on the streets.
Still need to plant the spring crocuses in the new 2016 bed.

Critters (in the basement garden)

Food stuff
Cauliflower Patties- from the Cauliflower Tot recipe
So good.

Crap I need to do when the Queen is done napping
Put away laundry.

Happy (if possible) Election Day and Late Fall!

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