Sunday, July 24, 2016

New Path

Years of lusting over cottage garden gravel paths finally came to an end. Well, I'm sure I will still gawk, now I can at my own. While it isn't complete, phase 2 is done. Done for now because it is pumpkin season and they have grown large over the next area to be graveled.

With permission from the local granite countertop company I was able to score waste pieces from their dump pile to create a stepping stone effect. I flipped the granite upside down, even though it is less showy due to not being polished, but it is also less slippery.  I've seen many pictures of people who have made paths with waste granite, but kept them shiny side up and I think this is a huge mistake. That stuff is super slick. Who wants to walk gingerly staring at each step to make sure they don't fall when there is so much eye candy around to look at? So, here it is.

The path turns right onto phase 1, which borders my newest bed. This year that bed has a mix of perennials (mostly native) and annuals (mostly zinnias, salvias, tithonia).
 The rusty blue chair is one of my new coffee or beer
enjoying places. So many bugs, butterflies and hummingbirds
are enjoying this new bed. This morning it was already
so sticky to sit and enjoy hot coffee it motivated me to blog instead.
 To the left the path takes you into the gated and fenced in 
orchard/chicken and bee yard. 
The gravel is 3/8 inch chip. It was $20 per scoop (truck load)
and the entire path so far has required 3 scoops, so I feel this is
a pretty reasonable price for a mostly permanent surface. It's cheaper than
mulch. It will reduce weeding/mowing, while allowing for water to penetrate 
and bonus- the cats seem to really like laying on it. I'm happy with it. 

Food Stuff
Summer veg coming in. Had my first decent harvest of tomatoes. They seem a wee late, but the plants are loaded so there is lots to come. 
 Blue cheese, parmesan, parsley, mint, white wine vinegar,
olive oil, S & P. YUM. 

Pistachio Pesto pasta- parsley, mint, romano cheese, pistachios
Very good. 

Feta pesto- basil, garlic, feta
with pan seared eggplant steaks
Oh, yum.

This past week was pretty nasty with temps in the mid to upper 90s on most days. Before that we only had one other really hot week so I'd say this has been a relatively nice summer. Next week looks like more days in the upper 80s. We had a 3 week dry spell in June, but otherwise have had adequate and periodical rain. Last Wednesday, July 13th we had a crazy wind that took the power away from a lot of the area, including my workplace. Lots of trees and branches came down, including a 40-something year old Pin Oak, planted by my uncle, at the park down the street. Sad. 

In the basement I've already started a few fall things- kale, mustard, lettuces, chard because I've felt like I was often behind on them in years past. Hopefully they will survive my vacation away. 

That's all I got. ; ) Happy Gardening. 

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Randy Nyboer said...

Beautiful walkway and your veggies just look so tempting!