Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Spring Sprung

Just a few updates and going-ons.
Pics I took outside today are pooey.

Two weeks ago the earth was brown and grey. I knew it would green up fast and she did. Today, although rainy, the following are in bloom: first Daffodils, a Maple, Manchurian apricot, first Chionodoxa, first Hyacinth in the dome, Spicebush, the grass is green and the violets are showing their first leaves. Most crocuses are finishing. The larger types are just beginning.
I collected Red Russian Kale and Collards for a salad.
One of my favorite salad dressings: 1/4 c. olive oil, 2 small shallots, 2 Tbs White Wine Vinegar, 1/2 tsp salt, 1/4 tsp pepper, 1Tbs Maple Syrup- whiz it up, toss in chopped greens, let rest for the day. 


Dome Happenings and Thoughts
 Red Russian Kale seedlings
Gah! Look at those pigments!

 Hellebores need to be transplanted

 Hyacinth, Pansies and Green Onions
42F with the door open


Inside view
Reflections: Really like the way this style of greenhouse turned out for me. Things I need to improve:
wall up the sides of the trench with boards- some erosion occurred. The floor was a little muddy- probably need some better floor material or more rock at the bottom. Maybe re-dig and replace the rock with a thicker layer. A few holes were made in the plastic by the neighbor cat and need to be repaired. Probably will end up rolling over the plastic for the summer. I'm hoping many of the greens in here will reseed and repopulate themselves. They do so much better on their own time and planting than when I'm in charge. Need to recover the door- plastic is completely torn. 
I  like that I can start seeds in flats, grow plants in soil and overwinter plants in pots and feel like I have sufficient space. What seemed very sparse vegetation in winter has mostly filled in. 
Problems: slugs and the neighbor cat!

Basement business
Second move from basement to outside yesterday: Hollyhocks, Feverfew, Rudbeckia, Salvias
First transplanting from hardening off on Saturday- lettuce & greens

 Time to start transplanting maters.
Last year I started them later or they germinated later and I left them
in these flats in their soil cubes. It was a lot colder and longer last winter.
Since the plants have taken off and I have more space under lights with moving
plants out or starting more in the dome I decided to do the first transplant.
Dr Wyches, Queen & Harless Creek varieties were done this morn.
 First mater transplants

 Blue Angel Salvia seedlings-  post stratification emerging.

 First Cannas up (above)
First Basils up (below)
 Basils planted on March 5 germinating.

And now I'm making a list of all of the seeds I need to plant outdoors: more peas, poppies, cornflowers, nigella, rattail radish, arugula, borage, carrots, parsnips, dill, turnips, rutabagas, parsley root

It done Greened Up! 

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