Thursday, October 23, 2014

You should...

You should plant paperwhites now. In the humdrum of winter you won't regret having fragrant flowers blooming in your home. You can get bulbs, like these Ziva Paperwhites, already pre-chilled at your local nursery and they will bloom in 6-10wks or you can pot them up, like I did. I put these or hyacinths in the fridge and take the pots out 1 week at a time to have a succession of blooms over winter. Pre-chill for 9-14 weeks. Occasionally check on them and give them a little water, but not too much so the bulbs don't rot.
Wrap in a plastic bag, close the box & tape shut.
Check on them every couple of weeks.
When the tops start breaking through you'll need to pull them out.

You should...notice Fall right now. It's been spectacular. Cool temps, no frost, good rains.The colors are outrageous.
Pond by Foggy Bottom Refuge
 Cups of spiderwebs in the Asparagus
Devil's Walking Stick- Aralia spinosa
 The sky and the leaves oh my!
 Nature watch with Smokey
 Panicled Aster
Symphyotrichum lanceolatum
Harebell in the wheelbarrel

Drummond's Aster
Blooms after Short's Aster
 Symphyotrichum drummondii

You from the end of the season deals now
Tent sale= Mr Poppins Winterberry bush $10
and 6 Blueberries, $2.75 each. 

You should go outside and see something that you've never seen before. 

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