Sunday, September 22, 2013

Happy Fall in the Garden

Just a few quick updates.

I have waited to harvest the mother load of peppers until many were red. It also means I can process the greatest number at once. I use these mainly for these 3 purposes: beans & rice, soups, breakfast taters.
I think I should plant an entire garden bed of assorted peppers next year and stake them! Most of these were weighing the plants down.

Pepper harvest:
Includes Red Marconi, Jimmy Nardello frying peppers, Friariello di Napoli, bananas, bells.

Prepping for freezing: 
Wash cycle

Chop and spread on cookie sheet for freezing.
Once frozen through store in freezer bags.

While I'm at it- saving seed.
I've decided I need to do more of this. The best reason
to start keeping seed is that I should be able to establish my own
ecotype strain of plants that do best in my garden over time.

This Pandora Striped Rose eggplant got huge, but didn't produce a lot of fruit. I grew 3 varieties of eggplant this year and the Japanese types did the best. I think I should just stick with those. I'd also like to grow more eggplant next year. 

Seedling progress. At least some of all of the seed I started in pots is up now- leeks, spinach, kale, pak choi, broccoli, parsley, cilantro and lettuce. In the raised beds the turnips and rutabaga have germinated and in the hoop house some seedlings of either or both kale and sprouting broccoli have germinated. I'm still waiting to see if any of my Cascadia Peas come up. 

Hoop house slow progress:
Still collecting brick. Planted 1 parsley, 6 bright lights chard and 3 tree collards.
Seedlings popping up on right side. 

Harvested Oaxacan Green corn. 
Traditionally used by the Zapotec Indians of S Mexico 
for green tamales.

Harvest 11 unknown volunteer squash that came up in the compost
I had spread in the garden. Maybe I should save some seed. 
It's obviously more productive than anything I've ever tried to intentionally grow!

Chickens say- Happy Fall Ya'll!

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