Sunday, July 7, 2013

July Firsts

I missed my first tomato. It was a Black Plum and by the time I found it it had cracked from too much water. Still edible and still met the goal of first mater by July 4. There are lots and lots of them and the plants look fabulous from all of the rain we've received lately. Looks like when I do start getting them we will be rich in maters.

 Black Plum

The new bug screens I built are working out well. My first squash were harvested today and there are no signs of squash bugs or borers.
Yellow Squash

The Aronia fruit are coming in. I'm not sure what, if anything, I will do with them. Shall I leave them for the birds or make something of them? Let's see what I'm up for this week. Here is a link to more info (recipes and nutrition) on Aronia. They have more antioxidants than common "super foods" on the market today.

Aronia fruit

I'm gonna get pickled. The cucumber crop is looking to be the best I've ever grown. The plants are lush, loaded with blossoms and tiny cukes are everywhere. Looks like I'm going to be making a lot of pickles this year, which would counterbalance the none that I made last year. 
Future Pickles

Happy Gardening, if only in your mind. 

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smuskopf said...

If you find you have just too many tomatoes, I happen to know someone who loves them and is too lazy to grow them. I realize you should not reward such laziness, but do bear in mind that all my attempts at planting have served only to feed the bunnies and the squirrels.