Tuesday, May 21, 2013

If this is wrong

then I don't.... oh, you know.

Pilosulousity is on my mind as I run my hands over the Short's Aster, bearing "minute, long, soft, straight hairs." I can't stand all of the oohs and ahhs of the garden world at this moment. Sensational overload. Touches and smells and colors of the botany of desire envelope me as if I'm a bee or something not quite far from it. I know I'm not. I know plants are eyeing me with their tendrils and roots; taking hold of my thoughts.
I know they want me to want them. And I do.

Oh, the juiciness of late spring abounds.

Take this in:

 Oxalis, Geranium, Murl in the window box

 Two-toned Mauve iris

 I can't even begin to describe this color

Sweetspire about to burst 

 The first Bradbury's Monarda to bloom

 Claspy, claspy Aster leaves
Love them

 Running my fingers through these

 The old wheel barrow of natives

 Are there words?

 And this blue
Grandma Walther

Viburnum burst 

 silk wrap- Cali poppy

peas please 

purple. gray green. 

 Arugula flowers = sweet and spicy

 Moody Blues Nigella

 I  can't stand it. 

 Parsnip pleasure

 sage saga

Squash Venation

Iris come hither 



 cottage garden

spears of Prairie Dock 

 will o'the wisps


 Squill squeal

pots arrangement

Pure pleasure.

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