Sunday, July 1, 2012


Hubs and the kid went to Soulard Market on Saturday and we've had cherry-red juice running to our elbows since then. He managed to score a deal on a ton of Bing cherries 3lbs for $2. So....what to do with a whole heck of a lot of cherries that are red, ripe and juicy? Anything and everything.

Starting our day with: Cherry, Pecan and Buckwheat Pancakes!

And if that weren't enough hubs has been plowing through the strawberry jam to the magnitude of a jar every 3 days so more jam making was in order. I'd never made it before and like my other jams I pureed the cherries before I cooked them. I didn't want any large chunks of "dead fruit" in my jam. I also used a fraction of the sugar that is called for and it still gels up and comes out sweet 'nuff.
Bing Cherry Jam

The next item of business was not appreciated by the kiddo. What? You're gonna make something I can't have? Welcome to the cruel world of reality kid. 

Boozy Cherries
I'd like to thank my friend, Holly, for this gem. Rum, water, sugar, vanilla, cherries= Boozy Cherries. 
I also made a sorbet of orange peel, fresh squeezed orange juice and cherries! Aside from eating a pound plain all of this took care of our load.

Now, what to do with these peaches! I have this tiny dwarf peach tree that was just loaded this year with the most perfect fruits. The tree is suffering in this heat and drought and the peaches are putting an extra burden on it so I started picking them off; beating them to the fall. 
Peaches and Surprise Pumpkin and Zucchini

What's that orange blob? Oh look it's a pumpkin! I found this wee thing nestled among the dead vine under a  bush of lamb's quarter. How fun. The zucchini was a surprise as well. Found her hiding under the wild marigolds. She was eaten in pasta with fresh garlic, olive oil and Bulgarian Feta for lunch. 

Bon appetite` 

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